Extinct Animals

Sabertooth Cat Skull - Antique Finish

Sabertooth Cat Skull - Antique Finish - $575.00

Smilodon fatalis (californicus)

Item Number: BC-018A


Cast in near perfect detail from one of the finest specimens from the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History. The major canines are ten inches in total length, with 6 ½ inches of exposed fang.

13 1/4" Long, 7 3/4" Wide, 6 1/4" High


Sabertooth Cat Skull - $595.00
Item Number: BC-018T

Tarpit Finish

Sabers - $32.00
Item Number: KO-212P

These sabers, sold as a pair, are 11 long

Metal Stand - $44.00
Item Number: S-BC-018T

Custom Stand - $150.00
Item Number: CS-MT-001

Extinct Animals