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Elephant - Shoulder Mount
Elephant - Shoulder Mount
Elephant Pedestal - Walnut
Elephant Ear - Map
Elephant Ear - Painting
Elephant Ear - Map With Africa Logo
Elephant Ear Big Five - Painting
Elephant Ear - Painting
Elephant Ear - Charging Elephant
Elephant Foot - Stools
Elephant Foot -Trash Can Stands
Elephant Feet - Zebra Skin Tops
Elephant Foot - Table (Replica)
Elephant Foot - Trash Can Short (Replica)
Elephant Foot - Trash Can Tall (Replica)
Elephant Foot - Stool (Replica)
Elephant Tusk - Pedestals
Elephant Tusk - Pedestals on Bronze Sculpture
Elephant Tusks - Walnut Pedestals
Elephant Tusks - Bronze Pedestals
Elephant Tusk - with Copper Cap & Chain Mount
Elephant Tusks - Copper Cap and Chain Mount
Elephant Tusks
Elephant tusk - Bubina
Elephant Tail