Birds & Reptiles

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Barrows Golden Eye - Flying
Buffle Head - Preening
Bluewing Teal
Buffle Head - Flying
Buffle Head - Preening on Rock
Buffle Head - Preening on Rock
Golden Eye Ducks - Flying
Golden Eyes - Flying
Golden Eye Ducks - Table Top
Sea Duck Group
Harlequin Duck - Flying
Harlequin Duck
Harlequin - Preening
Old Squaw
Pintail Duck
Sea Ducks
Surf Scoter - Flying
Surf Scooter - Flying
Surf Scoters - Flying
Canadian Goose
Guinea Fowl
Sage Grouse - Custom Base
Sharptail Grouse - Custom Base
Hungarian Partridge
Pheasant Table Top Pedestal
Ocelated Turkey - Flying
Turkey - Life Size
Rattlesnake - Custom Base
Gila Monster
Peacock Bass
Ling Cod - with Habitat
Ling Cod - with Habitat
Pike - with Habitat
Brook Trout
Brook Trout - with Habitat
Brown Trout - with Habitat
Brown Trout - with Habitat
Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout - with Habitat
Salmon, Dead - for Bear Mount
King Salmon - with Habitat
Yelloweye Rockfish - on Habitat
Walleye - Wall Mount
Walleye - Table Top on Walnut