Trophy Room Decor

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Backskin Pillows
Backskin Rug
Quilted Rug
Black Bear Table
Elephant Ear - Map with Africa Logo
Elephant Ear - Painting
Elephant Ear - Painting Big Five
Elephant Ear - Map
Elephant Ear - Charging Elephant
Elephant Ear - Painting
Elephant Foot Table (replica)
Elephant Foot Short Trash Can (replica)
Elephant Foot Tall Trash Can (replica)
Elephant Foot Stool (replica)
Elephant Tusks on Bronze Pedestals
Elephant Tusks on Walnut Pedestals
Elephant Tusks on Bubinga Plaques
Elephant Tusks with Copper Caps and Chain Mount
Elephant Tusk with Coper and Chain Mount
Wildbeest Tail Flyswatter
Warthog Tusks on Plaque